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About Us

AYUBOWAN! Welcome to is your destination to buy Sri Lankan products. Proudly made in Sri Lanka by Sri Lankans. Buy for yourself or gift to your loved ones in Sri Lanka or away from Sri Lanka.

We encourage you to send a memory… a gift that goes beyond just a few days.  Something to remember you every time it is seen or used. A beautiful piece of Sri Lankan handicraft that will not only give joy to the giver and receiver but also help an artisan somewhere in Sri Lanka.

Please come, explore and buy Sri Lankan


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No problem! We have tried to source a range of products that may appeal to most of you, BUT if you still don’t find what you want, please let us know and we will be happy to help you find it.

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We are a small group of Sri Lankans that have come together to showcase and promote the products made by Sri Lankans. 

The idea was borne during the pandemic when the visitors to Sri Lanka halted suddenly. Most of the communities that were involved in tourism and tourist related industries found themselves in a situation never faced before. The communities that made handicrafts primarily aimed at the tourists suffered heavily. In the absence of their ‘normal’ sales channels, our aim was to rally Sri Lankans living in and out of Sri Lanka to support and economically empower these communities. Towards this aim, we source products from craftspeople and producers who do not otherwise have an online platform to showcase their products. Borne out of a need of the hour, we look to the future to continue to offer an online platform to source Sri Lankan products. To promote all things “Made in Sri Lanka”. 

We do not wish our actions to burden the environment. Hence we will always try to use environmentally friendly packaging. No plastic will be used unless absolutely absolutely essential. We will use minimal, no fuss packaging. We will group your products together as much as possible, so that we burn less energy in delivery. Of course, please feel free to tell us if you want your products handled differently. 


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